Whether your art collection has monetary or sentimental value, it is treasured for its age, history, and its value as an investment. However, by their very nature, objects of art often require conservation to restore and preserve their beauty and value.

Master craftsman, Igor Shuster at Antique & Art Restoration Center, performs museum-quality restoration on oil paintings, sculptures, wood carvings and frames, gilded objects, icons, vintage photographs, textiles, and fine antique furniture.

Over 40 years of experience in art conservation stems from Igor’s degree from the prestigious Institute of Conservation in Moscow. He has built his professional reputation through 30 years of quality work in the Chicago land area with consistent excellence in skill and artistry. Through Shuster’s experience working as a master art conservator in some of the finest museums in Europe, he’s developed the skill set and team to bring his craft of exceptional and comprehensive restoration to any individual or Museum.

Restoring damaged art and antique pieces is a dying “art form.” The process demands complete discipline, decades of training, along with incredible patience and exceptional artistic ability. When you contact Antique & Art Restoration Center, you can be assured your item will be restored by a team of experts with decades of museum restoration experience. The conservators in our center aim to give each piece they treat the appearance that it has been well-maintained its entire life. The experts at Antique & Art Restoration Center have dedicated their careers to preserving the past--one art piece at a time.


19th Century Angel Oil Painting 

19th Century Cherub Sculpture

19th Century Oil Painting Portrait

Nude Female Sculpture 

19th Century French Turtleshell Clock